Helicopter landing required

Helicopter landing required
Helicopter required to land on island

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Visit facebook page

Hi everyone, for the latest, visit https://www.facebook.com/VKIOTA for the latest happenings of the DXpedition. Thanks Craig VK5CE

Sunday, February 28, 2016

On the air soon

Please visit https://www.facebook.com/VKIOTA and like it to receive the latest information. Thanks Craig VK5CE

We've arrived in Albany

Well after 3 days and 2700 km we are finally in Albany. As we left Esperance it was very hot and windy and temperatures reached 40C. We were very lucky as a bushfire started due to the terrible weather not long after we passed through. The last thing we needed would be to run into a blocked road due to the bushfire.

We were concerned about strong winds in Albany delaying the helicopter flight. Fortunately the winds will be OK in the morning. There will be rain and strong winds in the afternoon but we'll get to the island before that. It does mean that there will be strong winds and rain when we'll be setting up antennas but that's all part of the adventure.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Day 2 of driving done

Hi everyone. After 1100km of driving yesterday, Andy VK5MAV and I have done another 1100km of driving again today and have arrived safely in Esperance WA.

Tomorrow involves 480 km driving to Albany WA and then we can finally take a break from this marathon driving effort.

For those of you in North America who are a little worried about getting in the log, as you know I also put a strong focus on listening for this part of the world and this DXpedition will be no exception.

Apart from the typical vertical on 20m, we will also have a 3 element 20m vertical dipole array fixed short path to North America. So in the period of 1000 to 1600 UTC there will be many times I'll be listening for North America only on 20m SSB (400W) using the VDA. Then I'll switch back to the vertical other times and listen for other areas of the world.

Friday, February 26, 2016

1100km done by road. 1600km to go

Hi guys

After 13 hours driving over 1100km Andy VK5MAV and I have arrived at out first checkpoint on the Nullarbor plains and are enjoying a beer at thd Nullarbor Roadhouse which is an oasis in the dessert 

We've arrived safe and have another 12 hours driving tomorrow to reach Esperance in WA. The following day we drive 6 hours to Albany.

73s Craig VK5CE. ..........Andy its your shout mate, another Coopers Pale Ale!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Travel logistics coming together

With this DXpedition it requires a long time travelling. It will take 2.5 days of driving, 11.5 hours day 1, 11 hours day 2 and 5 hours day 3. And then the same on the return trip. This is a lot of fuel and lots of hotel rooms to pay for. Thanks to those people who have sent in early financial support to help defray the upfront costs. Thanks Craig VK5CE and Andy VK5MAV

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Propagation predictions for OC-243

Hi everyone.

Now that I’ve returned from ZL9A I’ve had time to look at band condition for OC-243. The propagation predictions show the best times for different parts of the larger amateur populations around the world to work us. The prediction tools used are quite conservative and so you’ll find band conditions are actually better than the times listed below. However it will give you a general idea on the best times and bands to look for us.


0000-0500 North America (short path)
0000-1600 Asia (short path)
0500-1600 Europe (short path)
2200-0000 Asia (short path)
2300-0000 North America (short path)


0000-0200 Asia (short path)
0000-0200 North America – W4 (long path)
0000-0500 North America – W1 (long path)
0000-0500 South America (short path)
0500-1100 North America – W6 (short path)
0600-1100 Central America (short path)
0600-1900 Asia (short path)
0800-1000 Europe (long path)
0800-1500 North America – W4 (short path)
1000-1800 Europe (short path)
1400-1700 North America – W5 (short path)
1500-2300 North America – W1 (short path)
1600-1900 North America – W0 (short path)
1600-2000 North America – W6 & VE7 (short path)


0700-1400 South America (short path)
1000-1400 North America – W5 (short path)
1000-1700 North America – W6 & VE7 (short path)
1100-0000 Asia (short path)
1400-1600 North America – W0 (short path)
1500-0000 Europe (short path)
2300-0000 South America (short path)


1100-2200 Asia (short path)
1200-1600 North America – W6 & VE7 (short path)
1600-2200 Europe (short path)